Who is King?

King Reyson C. Manalang is a student of College of Information and Computing Sciences Department, experiencing the flaws of being an IT Student under programming and a web developing. Aside from being an ordinary student, King Reyson is an officer in the organization called S-Alt. He is in the position of Social Committee. King Reyson considered himself as a "Gamer".

What School does King Enrolled and in What Course?

His first year in College was on STI Baguio as an Hotel and Restaurant Management student in the year of 2016 but he did'nt finish it. He then enrolled in the school of Informatics in the year of 2017 as a Computer Technician but then, he decided to not to attend.Lastly, King Reyson is currently a Third Year College Student of King's College of the Philippines and taking up the course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with major in Web Development.

What does King are Passionate about?

King Reyson is not that good at writing codes but trying his best to cope up with his fellow students. King Reyson is fueled by his passion to understand and write his own codes in Web Development. King Reyson thinks that he is not suitable for being a backend developer thus, trying his best to be a frontend developer, his eagerness to learn might help him in the near future.